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Business Model of Ubereats
Posted On 09/03/2020 04:49:17 by Allencalvy

Ubereats, like most of the online food ordering and delivery platforms, run on a business based revenue model. They all use this model for the simple reason that it works well. The Platform join all the restaurants, customers, and delivery boys, and the revenue from orders is split amongst the restaurant and delivery boys after these services deduct a commission.

The only downside here is that there is only one channel of income. And as good as they... Read More

Zoom Clone Video Conferencing Application for Business
Posted On 09/02/2020 03:24:38 by Andriadavid


If you are completely starting from scratch, you would need to spend a few months on the development, given that you already have an idea what you want. You can find good developers to work as a team, or you can hire an app development company. Either way, you are looking at a good 6 to 5 figures for the entire development process. The exact cost would change depending on the experience and skill of the developers, how complex the application is, and where in t... Read More

How to start with E-scooter app development?
Posted On 08/21/2020 05:57:10 by jackricher478

Uber for E-scooters is the appropriate choice for short-distance travel. People need not worry about traffic congestions and roadblocks. They can take the bike from any of the stations, go-to... Read More

Simple steps involved in using an app like Fiverr
Posted On 08/07/2020 07:33:54 by kevinjack0708

Fiverr is a market for individuals to seek out the skilled companies they require. It was one of many first corporations to introduce micro-lancing. Now it is among the most extensively used web sites t... Read More

Reasons for popularity and ways to promote Lime app clone
Posted On 08/07/2020 04:27:40 by jackricher478

E-scooters are trending in the economy, mainly because of the convenience it offers to people. Nowadays, people are all about eco-friendly products. What more can be more environmentally friendly than E-riding solutions like E-scooter? It does not release any fumes like petrol or diesel-powered... Read More

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