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Where to Buy the Safest E-Cigarettes
Posted On 11/16/2020 01:40:41 by wisepowder

If you’re here, you’re probably thinking about vaping and you’re worried about e-cigarette safety. You’re wondering not only where to buy the safest e-cigarettes, but which models are least likely to explode. Maybe you’re also looking to buy e-liquids that are free of chemicals like Diacetyl, Acetoin and Acetyl Propionyl or THC.To get more news about vape manufacturers, you can visit univapo official website.

Our team has been testing and reviewing vaping... Read More

Vaping industry responds to Cuomo’s new push to ban flavored e-cigarettes
Posted On 11/16/2020 00:11:25 by wisepowder

Vaping businesses and their advocates are preparing for another battle over the future of their industry after Gov. Andrew Cuomo reignited his push against flavored electronic cigarettes.To get more news about E-cigarettes supplies, you can visit univapo official website.

Cuomo enacted an emergency ban on flavored vaping products last year after a rash of vaping-related illnesses and deaths across the country. However, a state judge officially struck down the ban two weeks ago, ruling... Read More

vape pens and e-cigarettes for the discerning vapeur
Posted On 10/31/2020 01:40:15 by wisepowder

While we don't exactly endorse vapes or e-cigs, they do seem to be safer than cigarettes, even if some medical establishments may tell you otherwise (see below). The best vapes fit into two categories really. To get more news about Cheap Vape Deals, you can visit urvapin official website.

There are slim cartridge-based vape models made by big legacy tobacco brands, aimed at people trying to give up smoking cigarettes. And then there are those vapes aimed at a slightly more underg... Read More

E-Cigarettes as Bad for Arteries as Regular Smokes
Posted On 10/30/2020 23:32:34 by wisepowder

Electronic cigarettes are touted by some as safer than smoking tobacco. But a new study finds they damage blood vessels just like traditional cigarettes do.To get more news about vape factory, you can visit univapo official website.

Among hundreds of healthy young adults, researchers found that vaping and smoking cigarettes cause the same harm to arteries that leads to heart attacks, strokes and heart disease.

"The evidence is growing that E-cigarettes may not be a r... Read More

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