How to see how many times a song has been played on spotify
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you are Willing to earn online music streaming services. This means that you have to get a instruction about how to create a spotify music app.



Features of audio Streaming services for example Spotify:


1. Registration method

Make sure it's as Basic as you can and does not need clicks it really is annoying the user. And also a excellent way is described below.


2. Profile

Each user needs to Have his very own page containing all the mandatory personal information (name, gender, date of arrival and musical tastes. And so forth ). You'll need such information to anticipate the user's desires and provide him.


3. Individual offers

Taking good advantage Of the individual consumers' advice we've only talked on, you get yourself a excellent chance to offer people musical novelties that would possibly interest them. Spotify has chosen this extremely way to boost user loyalty: its own"Discovery" feature regularly offers you a new play list which includes songs compositions fitting your tastes (since Spotify knowsthat you haven't listened to such music compositions however ).


4. Drive Notifications

Want to Understand how to make a music streaming app capable to take need? Remember to present a characteristic. Its action is to remind a user concerning it self, provide tips, notify relating to news and discounts in different words, so your assistance should be advertised by it .


5. A Selection of Audio content

A Particular Person who Uses programs very similar to Spotify expects to get access to audio monitors that are different. Alsohe'll absolutely appreciate the occasion create and to add their own playlists. Therefore that it's really important to offer him together with all these chances.


6. Tracks Search

An internet hunt pub is a Must to combine the positions of most both leaders, eventually become a program such as Spotify.


7. Messages

Spotify Program allows customers to initiate an conversation through messages within the service. It's not the attribute but an appealing one. Also it worth being contemplated.


8. Social resources Integration

Don't forget to Collaborate with face-book, Twitter, Insta-gram and others resources of the sort in order to make a program such as Spotify. Users will appreciate this type of characteristic, notably as the fall of 2011 once Spotify began to collaborate more closely and knowingly with face-book, those organizations became partners. Nowadays, due to the collaboration, unique organizations will observe the consumers' Timeline actions on FB pages. It was enjoyed by Even the Spotify followers and their number increased - Spotify had gotten around a million of novices, and that's contained in a handful of days! Isn't it a superb success? No wonder, you want to develop a music app!


Thus, social Resources integration is directed to eliminate two birds with a single stone: users will soon be able to maybe not merely login in moments but also share together with their FB close buddies events related to Spotify - they will post everything that seems essential for them.


9. Other interesting Spotify Music app features

Fantasize, exactly what Else can bring your end consumers a few happiness. Spotify app Delivers the Subsequent attributes to Create users somewhat more joyful (perhaps you will find these attributes inspirational ):


· The"Following" element (exists as the beginning of spring up 2013). Now we usually takes a far much more active role in the lives of people who're dear to us or just interesting, whether these folks are celebrities or intimate pals. As soon as such a substantial person performs a busy action in Spotify (state, their catalog replenishes having a new path ), the user gets an acceptable telling. That is really just a nice sensation of belonging into the life of one's loved ones (even supposing it's really a singer whom the user never seen in real life).


· Another intriguing Spotify feature is search that makes it possible for one to find play-lists generated by almost any additional end consumers, even celebrities. Perhaps, some trail in their audio set would motivate one to tune in to it.



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