EA confirms the update for FC 24 in the next weeks
Posted On 11/04/2023 00:41:21 by Nfkjasfas

You can view these skills in dynamic cutscenes triggered by your strategic play. Tactical Football promises real-time 11v 11 gameplay with authentic football and close-ups FC 24 Coins. Hopefully these won't remain promises and the announcements will be put into action.


EA confirms the update for FC 24 in the next weeks which implements cross-play. This also means that the leaks of Tom Henderson prove to be correct yet again. We already wrote about the fact that FC 24 will have cross-play some weeks ago. Now we can look forward to it already in FC 24.


That's absolutely insane! FC 24 is slowly but surely coming to an end, of course we are still excited about the TOTS and the Summer Stars, but let's not fool ourselves, the wedding is over. EA thinks the same, because they want to use FC 24 as a test object for cross-play, so that the feature runs flawlessly for FC 24.


This is an article about cross-play leaks. You can find the "EA Confirms Cross-Play" right here. FUT Sheriff has announced (obviously he was one of the first) that cross-play will be tested in FC 24. We expect cross-play to be available for the normal friendlies.


He says that he doesn't know exactly when it will come and for which modes it will be available. Ultimate Team seems unrealistic, as that is EA's main source of revenue. It wouldn't make sense to risk problems, bugs, and glitches for FUT if crossplay doesn't work perfectly at first. 


Furthermore, Fut_scoreboard has revealed new info about crossplay in FC 24 on Twitter again and again. The user always has a close look on the game code of FC and usually knows in advance when new packs cheap Fut 24 Coins, features or other things will be implemented by EA Sports.

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